Contacting other outfits for Esamir/Amerish

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by SethBloom, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. ZediirHoid

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    At about around 12 PM - 3 AM it was 50% NC and 50 % Vanu.
  2. ultimatox

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    Ah, no it was good fight all day in my opinion. We did manage to cap the continent there but it was hardly a ghost cap. We were almost warpgated as well earlier in the day. I have had a ton of fun on Amerish so far this weekend. So let's bring on the fight tomorrow as well! See you on the battlefield NC and TR. ;-) PS: bonus protip I have learned on Amerish: use the roads :p
  3. ultimatox

    ultimatox Ex-Councillor Ex-Councillor (Staff) Donator

    That was the most epic fight ever over Mekala Tech Plant today :D:D:D
  4. ZediirHoid

    ZediirHoid Sergeant Donator

    Yeah it was fun. Intense fighting indeed.
  5. Sorry for us going to Indar after losing Lithcorp. Guys were really tired.
    I hope I will manage to get them back (I'm not in charge of everything) to Amerish.
  6. SethBloom

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    Wow, the fights were actually good! I loved it when we traded co-ordinated max pushes!
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