Contacting other outfits for Esamir/Amerish

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by SethBloom, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Hi guys :)
    I'm from DOPA outfit :)
    Erghh.. we really don't like guys in our outfit which teabagin' the others or abusing the others ;]
    We've got sometimes two plutons of really good players, but the others from the outfit playing for their own.
    Don't generalize, please! ;)

    Recently, our outfit don't have even 25% of all 600+ outfit's players :)
    If you've got any problems with our members - feel free to tell me about their nicknames.
    I'll do all best what i can do.
    We just trying to have some fun, not make offence or ruin gameplay.

    With kind regards, xadereq!

    Contact me at
  2. Haha, I knew you had an adequate leader, sorry for generalizing :)
    One more large outfit is in, good news.
    Guess Trident's forum is now Lithcorp conference room, sorry for OT :)
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    Haha, more administration work for me. :)

    Not sure if you saw me earlier ingame, you flew over Allatum and as I was lining up my burster max's sights on you I saw TigraXL and I hesitated for a second and only got a couple of shots in you, so I did some /yell'ing :p
  4. So it was you scratching my fancy new paint :D
    I knew there was a MAX in position but had to fly there and was surprised by only two shots incoming :)
    Did not notice you in chat trying to move between trees at low altitude to save my ass :D
  5. JackJack233

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    Hahaha, I'll get you next time. :)
  6. SethBloom

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    Yeah. We need to agree upon a proper date and time, and on which continent. We'll have to update our outfit messages asking players to be in Esamir/Amerish and have our big platoons in them.

    To encourage us to play there, lets have some challenges for us, sort of like in the Ultimate Empire Showdown.

    For example: The faction that controls Eisa Tech Plant at example-o-clock wins the challenge. That would concentrate our fights and make things a lot more fun! :D
  7. Noooo, we don't want another stalemate like TC/TI on Indar right? ;) Not saying I have the uber solution, but if we really get this event up and running it should be something like a posession contest. Considering we have gathered so many outfits, good fights are bound to happen.

    As soon as we have arranged a date, we should make this event as public as possible, official forum, /orders /yell /re, /whatever so that as many randoms as possible are encouraged to join us. It might be good for our server, who knows?

    Thats my 3 cents, cheers.
  8. ultimatox

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    I for one am super psyched about the possibility of getting good big fights on Amerish, though I must agree with Shurriken that simply deciding day X is Amerish day should be enough.

    That is also a lot easier to communicate to the community as a whole than any specific objectives would be. Just look at the UES where even SOE itself wasn't able to get the info across to the majority of the player base properly.

    Also remember guys - we are at war. Fraternizing with the enemy on the battlefield should be avoided, except during planned events etc. Vanu would not approve of that

    Anyways, kudos to SethBloom/TigraXL for starting this! When we start talking we can solve a lot of issues we have with the game ourselves; like the underutilization of Amerish

    ultimatox - Trident Council
  9. Yesterday I pinned down a Galaxy with my Scythe. Just as I was about to destroy it (and get the sweet xp) the guy deconstructed it. I tried really hard to see the name but I was just too far away, the only thing I could see was the Outfit tag...DOPA. My friend, you seem to be a decent guy, unfortunately we see this kind of behaviour in DOPA too much. The next time I'll try and get a name for you, or if I'm recording, show you the video. Until then you unfortunately have to take our humble advice, get your soldiers in line please.

    For anyone in Trident reading this, and for the other outfits to see, our rules are clear. If your vehicle is about to be destroyed by an enemy the general rule is to not deconstruct. Abandoning your vehicle to respawn on the other side of the continent with no intention of going back and not under attack? Feel free to deconstruct. Use common sense and let the enemy get their deserved xp.
  10. SethBloom

    SethBloom Private

    Saw a TRID guy do it once. With open outfits, you always have one or two assholes in it.

    EDIT: We can use the [ORDERS] Channel to get people over to the other continents.

    Lets start discussing dates guys. What do you think will be best?
  11. With coordination now at relatively high level, we can start as soon as next week. This coould be either Monday or midweek if you want. Also can start the next weekend (23th) to get real crowds and not to be dissapointed with numbers at the beginning.
  12. Why not just say Amerish Wednesdays, Esamir Thursdays and go from there, we all know this and can advertise this on our own forums....

    So say next wednesday we all get on Amerish next Thursday is Esamir... Forget the "operations" part of this for now and just get people on the continent.
  13. JackJack233

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    I disagree, I think we should run a solid week on Amerish, as then we might actually end up pulling people to Amerish and it could last quite a while, if we only do daily events, people outside of our outfits are unlikely to pick it up.
  14. solid week is better you're right there, what I was really saying is we don't need to organise it for too long or hard as we have 6+ of the biggest outfits in this thread and all it takes is for example our forum is a thread saying "W/C 18th Feb - Amerish Week"
  15. SethBloom

    SethBloom Private

    The only question now is when.. We need confirmations from all outfits when we decide though.
  16. SethBloom

    SethBloom Private

  17. Come on, Seth. We have a lot of people in the outfits signed up. Let's see what we can get on one of the underplayed continents with what we have atm. Just give us the date and continent.
    With all the outfits leaving Indar, I bet it will be so boring there that the crowd will follow us anyway :)
    Sorry for being impatient, but for now it really goes nowhere and it would be a shame if such a great idea dies.
  18. SethBloom

    SethBloom Private

    You have a point. Lets see.

    How about Febuary 22nd, Friday to Monday Amerish only weekend? How does that sound?
  19. Jesters are in, advertised on our forum, will get it passed around teamspeak and in-game tonight
  20. Noted. I will inform TR outfits and update this post accordingly.
    Status update:
    AOTR participation confirmed
    GSFF participation confirmed
    7ADH participation confirmed
    TR is ready to roll
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