Contacting other outfits for Esamir/Amerish

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by SethBloom, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Sounds great guys. Cant wait to get some gameplay going on amerish !

    Once we have confirmations from the other outfits, we shall make a thread about this on the official forums to see if we can draw some randoms in too.
  2. Sounds like the date is set, I will spread the word to my IVGD and WEQN guys.
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  4. JudgeDeath

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    Everyone please show your support on this matter :)
  5. Uhm, AOTR will not be that active on Friday evening, something I did not know before.
    On Saturday, we join the fight.
  6. We have the French' outfit [3RIM] joining in the fun...
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  8. Irrelevant offtopic was here, now it is not.
    Great job at Mao Tech Plant yesterday btw ;)
  9. well it's going to take a bit of time been spamming yell as i havent certed orders yet and I was getting a load of back chat of

    "it's empty"
    "amerish is boring"
    "there's no one there"

    This was from all sides NC, TR, VS. when I mention Amerish weekend and listed all the outfits I still ended up getting shot by GSFF and AOTR for example it wasn't just those it's just those are fresh in my mind.

    It's going to be harder than we think..

    Unless we get a mass deployment of most of our outfits it's not going to work...
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    When I was on before the hotfix I just wrote an outfit message to remind people and started a platoon. TRIDENT will be there. All I would say is, be patient, it's Friday afternoon, a lot of people won't come online till this evening. If we set up platoons on Amerish consistently over the next 24 hours and keep sending yells/orders, they will come. People have been playing on Indar as a default for ages now, it's going to take a little convincing to get people to come over, but it will happen.
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    I'm looking for some dogfights on Amerish :) sightseeing while dogfighting on Amerish shud be very enjoyable :D
  12. I fully agree with this ;)
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    Cheers for the fight on Amerish guys, nice to get a change for once. Looking forward to the next few days.
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    I haven't had this much fun since the first couple of days I spent on Esamir when there were actually populus there.
  15. Jesters Loved it! I missed the first night but people were raving on about it in TS when I got home..

    One issue we found was due to not having as many major outfits we suffered a little in numbers! The NC need some serious organisation. When we get merged with Cobalt at least we'll have the Cobalt Alliance!
  16. Deadl3mon

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    What happened on Amerish today guys??? :eek:
  17. what do you mean?
  18. Deadl3mon

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    Well, both the TR and NC got warpgated and looked depleted in numbers.
  19. We were still there fighting! I think earlier in the day between 12-6 we had more people on however... it is/was Saturday after all :)

    When I was on about 1-2 ish we had 60%+ on the territory
  20. Deadl3mon

    Deadl3mon Private Donator

    Oh, ok. Well we took control of Amerish and moved to Esamir. Hopefully it should look a little better tomorrow.
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