Contacting other outfits for Esamir/Amerish

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by SethBloom, Feb 10, 2013.

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    So today we were defending Mao tech plant, and we got cut off by a polish NC outfit called DOPA and pushed us out with a pincer attack. I called them out and asked them if they wanted to organize Esamir/Amerish play with us, as an effort to revive these amazing but unplayed continents.

    I told one of the guys from their outfit about this, and he agreed. I also gave him our forum address. They also have forums, but I didn't get it's address.

    We have contacted one NC outfit, and they will be able to contact other NC outfits. We'll have to do our part and contact the other big outfits from the Vanu (I'm thinking Iron Vanguard). We still need to contact the TR outfits.

    We'll have one week as Esamir only, maybe? Or maybe certain hours? What do you guys think?

    Contacted Outfits:

    - [DOPA]
    - [IVGD] Iron Vanguard
    - [AOTR]
    - [7ADH]
    - [GSFF]
    - [JEST] Jesters
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    Re: Contacting other outfits for Esamir/Amerish (DOPA)

    We should try and revive Amerish, we can organize a day in which we all just move to Amerish and then never switch back again, just keep playing Amerish for around a week. We can sit at the warpgate and the crown and do some /yell'ing as well.

    Link the outfits to this thread (since it's public) and they can have reps sign up and we can discuss it here
  3. Re: Contacting other outfits for Esamir/Amerish (DOPA)

    Hi, I got a PM from OP and decided to answer here. I am not outfit leader, I will talk to him about this idea and then come back to you.
    The two biggest TR outfits on Lithcorp are:
    AOTR -
    GSFF - dunno their web adress, but I will talk to someone from the outfit to find out.
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    Re: Contacting other outfits for Esamir/Amerish (DOPA)

    Thanks, I'll try to contact them later.

    Look at what I found guys:

    It lists the big outfits of our server.

    EDIT: GSFF is huge.
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    Sounds great to me :D
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  7. You can officially count in 7ADH of the TR. Our officers liked the idea very much.
    You can rarely see Crimson Ravens - CSRV, but in case you want to contact them their web site is
  8. I have contacted GSFF and they have no forum. However, their leader Olsenman lets me speak on his behalf (guess I am TR council now :D )
    GSFF agreed to participate in your Amerish/Esamir week.
    Just let me know when you are planning to start this and 7ADH and GSFF will join the fight.
    OT: I have been fighting a lot of you guys today and that's an honor, I like your style :)
  9. JackJack233

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    4th-10th March maybe?
    Gives us plenty of time to get other outfits in on it and try to make it as much of a success as possible.
  10. Ice247

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    Can't we do this a bit sooner? Like in 1 - 2 weeks?
  11. JackJack233

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    Considering how many outfits we'll need to contact I doubt it. :/
  12. Hey all, Shurriken from IVGD here.

    Seth told me ingame about TRID's effort to revive Esamir/Amerish with other organized outfits on Lithcorp.

    We will gladly participate in such events, also speaking for the guys from [WEQN], a partner outfit from IVGD.
    I'll keep following this discussion, for anything else you can always contact me ingame.

    Cheers and happy fragging. :)
  13. SethBloom

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    Alright, sweet. We got the three biggest outfits for Vanu. Now for the TR and NC.
  14. I've informed AOTR about this idea. Hopefullt they will respond soon.
    Status update: AOTR will participate
  15. SethBloom

    SethBloom Private

    Thanks Tigra! I'll try to contact the Jesters on their forums.
  16. Guess it's time for The Jesters to get into the conversation!

    I'm LuckyNoS7evin, MeS7evin in-game and I'm here to say we'll be happy to kick your asses no matter which continent we're on :)

    Okay troll over, ye we'll have to organise a ruck at some point...I am one of the main leaders in The Jesters, although mainly due to building and hosting the forums and teamspeak server but we'll have to get something on Lithcorp organised

    Oh and I think this is a polish outfit by the name think it's DOPA
  17. Hello from the Jesters

    I am Powerpuffters, leader of the Jesters.

    I am interested in this, and I have contacts in the other two largest outfits in the NC
    3rim (french guys) and eternal overwatch.

    It would be good fun to fight on another continent. Good luck contacting the DOPA guys. They are mainly a bunch of guys who follow one guy on twitter etc and generally lack much co-ordination or leadership. They seem to be just slightly more organized than a zerg, hence the difficulty in contacting any leaders...

    but yes- I can talk with the other Three NC outfits whenever you guys are ready to plan something.

    also- if any of the other races/ outfits are interested, I'm attempting to arrange a Planetside meetup in Manchester this summer. details can be found here. ... f=11&t=264
    Will prob post the details on the main forums for the other EU servers once we've decided on a date over at the jesters
  18. Hey boss!

    fancy seeing you here! come here often?
  19. Hail PowerPuff!

    Seems like I'm getting killed by (and kill) Jesters more and more these days. So DOPA is the main reason for the NC explosion? You basically said what I was thinking. Most of the time it feels like a zerg just floating over our territory. Personally I enjoy fighting NC. Before this it felt like we fought TR 90% of the time, now it's more even.

    Looking forward to fighting on another continent. Not many new places to discover on Indar anymore.

    See your head in game, if you don't see mine first

    //Reach - Trident Council
  20. Ah, yes, DOPA. The guys deconstructing their nearly dead sunderers and teabagging my corpse after I killed half their squad. I just enjoy killing them after this all <3
    Btw, you forgot to add 7ADH and GSFF into OP.
    Since we have the mighty triad of every faction involved, I assume we can start this soon?
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