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Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by TigraXL, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Hello warriors of the Vanu Sovereignty. Are you up for some fight?

    I am sorry for posting it here, but you do not have any guest board.
    I represent the glorious 7th assault division of the Terran Republic, and we want to challenge you.

    The general idea is that we will bring a sunderer from each side to a certain location on Amerish or Esamir with no activity and deploy them. Once our lil' game starts it is no longer allowed to mobilize them. The goal of each team will be to destroy other's sunderer. You are only allowed to use everything that you can get from the sundy's terminal and unlimited respawns on it. No other vehicles allowed. We can also find some place for spectrators and cameramen.

    If you find this interesting, please have your officer contact me here or via skype: tigra_xl

    Good luck on the battlefield
    Commander TigraXL
  2. JackJack233

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    This sounds interesting, I shall quickly create a Guest forum and move this there so that the rest of our outfit can see it. Our leader is JudgeDeath.
  3. Thanks for responding, hope all other members like the idea.
    I would like to add that the teams should be equal in numbers, which we can arrange. For now we believe it should be somewhere around 12 men. If you want to extend this, we could ask AOTR to join us, since we are not as numerous as you.

    We also have an idea of MAX fighting event. This implies having some MAX players being lined up and when it starts, the goal is to kill other team with melee attacks only (MAX punch). This one is less serious, but should be funny and make a great video :D
  4. JackJack233

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    That definitely does sound like fun! I'll let our leader know about this thread when I get ingame tomorrow, so if he hasn't seen it before tomorrow then he'll know to come and check this out.
  5. JudgeDeath

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    Sounds nice ... We need to have a talk.
  6. Hey, I have made up a draft for rules of the event, check this out and let me know if you want to add or change something


    - The teams arrange time of the match and the continent where it will take place in advance. The specific location of match can be arranged 15-30 minutes before the match itself based on territory control and “enemy activity”.
    - Match organizers from both sides make a list of participators with specified amount of soldiers and publish it at least 24 hours before the event. The list can be changed before the match starts if someone is not able to attend.
    - At the time arranged both teams must have a sunderer prepared for the game at their faction’s warpgate of the selected continent. Sunderers then move out to the match location simultaneously when match organizers from both parties give relevant order.
    - Sunderers can be accompanied by other vehicles carrying spectators, cameramen and support stuff.
    - Once in location, it is up to each team’s officers to decide on the location to deploy their sunderer. The ones who are not a part of the battle itself should take position in specific location arranged for them and marked with rally point smoke, vehicles or by other means.
    - Firing weapons or applying damage by any other means to hostile or allied forces is strictly prohibited before the match. It is also prohibited during match in the spectators zone.
    - The teams take position in their respective sunderers or within 2 meter radius from it.
    - The game starts when the countdown in yell chat organized by an empowered person reaches 0


    - Each team is allowed to bring any number of spectators who are allowed to stay in specific location during match
    - Spectators are not allowed to apply damage to anyone in the location unless third parties are endangering the match
    - Each side must have support staff assigned with sufficient firepower to take down any threat to match organization. A minimum of a burster MAX or a skyguard should be present in spectators’ zone form each side.
    - Support staff is allowed and obliged to engage and eliminate any third party vehicles on sight, any infantry (except match participators) out of spectators’ zone and any other threat to match organization.


    - It is allowed for all participators to move freely in the match location with one exception that spectators’ zone borders must not be breached. It is also prohibited to position yourself in such way that your fire or fire of competitors hurts spectators or support staff. Leaving match location leads to disqualification.
    - Mobilizing sunderer is not allowed
    - Sunderers can have any modifications installed, including all available defense and any weapons
    - Players are allowed to manage sunderer’s stationary weapons
    - You can spawn only at your team’s sunderer
    - Players are allowed to use any weapons and gadgets they can get from sunderer’s terminal. All classes are allowed
    - No vehicles are allowed to participate except each team’s sunderer
    - The goal of each team is to destroy enemy sunderer. Once a team has reached this goal, they are considered winners and can go celebrate this fact.
  7. Stachelkeule

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    its a time set of, for this event? i need cnetral european time, because i´m german =P
  8. If this happens I'll be there with my camera.
  9. BeefWillington

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    Wow, I'd love to be involved in any of this too, sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.
  10. SteveAmtiskaw

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    I too would love to spectate or participate if necessary! Sounds like a great laugh :D
  11. So if you guys agree, why don't we arrange time and number of players?
  12. XxnatalyaxX

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    ill be there to im up for it
  13. JackJack233

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    If are to do this, you'll need approval from our leader Judge, make sure you have a chat with him.
  14. Yeah, I am actually waiting for a response from him here.
    So, Judge, please cofirm participation of TRID here or let me know if you prefer another mean of communication.
  15. He replied saying "We need to talk" further up there, but since you're not a member you probably can't message him here so maybe post an email addy or some other means by which you can be contacted.
  16. JudgeDeath

    JudgeDeath Founder (Ex-Councillor) Ex-Councillor (Staff)

    Howdy guys

    I have sent a PM to tigra regarding this matter.
  17. MaraJayde

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    hm i guess i suck too hard to uphold Trident honor in competitive gameplay.
    however a few considerations to the rules:
    -most prominently, how are you going to find neutral ground? base bonuses (namely biolab) only works in friendly territory, so we would have to fight in NC's region for it to be fair lol.
    -12 people only? how is that fun? xD

    anyways, i hope ill have time to be there to spectate, maybe even participate
  18. JackJack233

    JackJack233 Ex-Councillor Ex-Councillor (Staff) Donator

    We will probably play on Esamir/Amerish since it's a lot easier to find abandoned territory there.
  19. To add to the MAX punching and other ideas, here are a few other potential match ups just off the top of my head:

    Flash jousting - Something involving two opposing flash's riding towards each other and attempting to kill each other.

    Liberator wars - Two opposing liberators battling it out and killing each other with Dalton fire only, a test of acrobatics and accuracy.

    Squadron battle - Two opposing squads of ace fliers use ESF's in air to air combat until one squadron has been wiped out.

    I mean, if we're going to do stuff like this, the possibilities are endless, the game is just begging for it to be done.

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