CTMWood84's Squad: Server Smash vs Connery

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by CTMWood84, Mar 28, 2014.

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    This is the thread I will be using to organise my squad and disseminate information in advance of next weeks Server Smash event. Because my squad consists of 3 different outfits, I thought it best to organise this on a public thread that we can all gain access to. We'll keep the super secret tactics for voice comms :). Please feel free to post on here and discuss.

    I have been in touch with Lacy on thier ts last night, and this evening I intend to get in touch with 7BAP. I will organise a time this weekend when we can all get together and start playing as a squad. But first, the information..

    Platoon 4 - PL - [TRID]BlckJck103
    Squad 4 - SL - [TRID]CTMWood84
    Squad 4 Members:
    [TRID] PunisherPad30

    Our Role:
    We are technically the 'Air Squad' for Platoon 4. We will be spending a fair amount of time in ESF's gaining and maintaining air control, as well as taking out ground targets called out by our ground-based platoon. HOWEVER, we will still be taking part in ground operations, probably at short notice and in critical locations, without support. Whether we're flying or going on the ground, we will always be playing together as a squad of 12 people, not a collection of 12 individuals who happen to have the same coloured doritos.

    What do you need to do:
    1. Ensure you have the PTS installed and updated. Keep checking for updates regularly. Anyone not ready at the start of the event will be subbed.

    2. In advance of the event, get 3 BR10 characters on the PTS (1 TR, 1 NC, 1VS). We won't know what faction we'll be playing until the day before. BR10 means that everybody has a beacon available to cert. This will be invaluable when we need to be a nuisance on the ground.

    3. In advance, Cert up your basic loadouts on your 3 chars. Medics, Maxes, C4 LA, Sunderer, ESF, AA Heavy, Skyguard, etc. 100,000certs sounds a lot, but it does go quickly, be careful. Ensure your ESF has Auto Repair and Fire supression. Weapons are your own choice.

    4. Please post here with your preferred class. I will try to ensure the squad composition means you get to play that class, but having a rounded squad is more important than everybody getting their best class. We will be flying in our designated class too, no bail-assaults.

    Get together:
    I will be organising our first full squad get together for this weekend.

    Saturday 29/03/2014 @ 1900hrs GMT on Teamspeak PS2.Pickup server @

    . Once we're all together, we'll find a server / faction and start playing!

    EDIT: Now with Game format: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dl3 ... dit?pli=1#

    EDIT: Now with starting map: http://i.imgur.com/TYWRhVf.png
  2. My favourite classes are Infiltrator and Medic. The other Lacy guys said "class with a gun" would be fine for them. Any server would be ok for me, but as faction, I prefer the VS because that's the only faction I didn't play for a long time yet. But ofc TR and NC work.

    Cheers and Greetings and Love from [Lacy]
  3. here is my descending order of preference:

    . Engineer
    . Heavy Assault
    . Medic
    . Infiltrator
    . Light Assault

    cheers, mooed
  4. CTMWood84

    CTMWood84 Lieutenant


    The voice server is NOT the PS2.pickup server for this event (due to the size).

    It will be on Jesters TS server at:

  5. PunisherPad

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    I would like to join too. My favorite classes are medic and light assault, probably some heavy or engi too :)
  6. Hi, i m not sure i m in for the moment, but in case : i m good with m├ędic,engineer,heavy assault, but i can play every class.
  7. CTMWood84

    CTMWood84 Lieutenant

    With [7BAP] disbanding and their players going AWOL, we now how some spaces in this squad. Lineup changed to reflect this.
    [TRID]PunisherPad30 added to lineup.
    [JETR]littlejohn31 let me know when you're sure and I'll confirm you aswell.

    Anyone else who like to join, please show your interest here.
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  8. aigroti

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    If I don't make it onto the main TRID team I'll take part in this although that means it's a bit unreliable whether I'm available or not so put me on some type of reserve list. I don't mind going to training with your guys either way before the event on the off chance.
  9. I m sure !! i want to be in this squad !
  10. ZAN1

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    would rather be medic or heavy but can play all
  11. TheMjKv2

    TheMjKv2 Donator

    Sign me in! id like to go heavy/engi/medic but can play any class what needed
  12. BlckJck

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    If you didn't know you're already signed up for the PL3 airsquad. If you did know I'm sure we can find someone to switch.
  13. SmC12

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    Are the slots filled or are you still needing people? I have nothing better to do but watch the stream on Sat anyway so feel free to put me on some reserve list if the lineup is still up for debate.
  14. If you didn't know you're already signed up for the PL3 airsquad. If you did know I'm sure we can find someone to switch.[/quote]

    ok i just saw that, finaly i ll play with guys from my outifit.
  15. CTMWood84

    CTMWood84 Lieutenant

    ZAN1, Mjkv2 and SMC12 added to lineup.

    I would like to have a scrim against the other TRID squad tomorrow, so if you're around when they are on the PTS, get online.
  16. CTMWood84

    CTMWood84 Lieutenant

    BlckJck, I appear to have lost editing privileges on the main roster spreadsheet. Can you add the above names before it fills up with other people please.
  17. BlckJck

    BlckJck Lieutenant

    Me too, i'll send Passionate a pm
  18. TheMjKv2

    TheMjKv2 Donator

    Feeling lot better today, ill be there for sure
  19. CTMWood84

    CTMWood84 Lieutenant

    Well played guys. Disappointing that we couldn't win it but it was very close and I think we did very well considering most of us hadn't even met at the beginning of this week, some first met 5 mins before the match! Despite this we all worked together well and did as well as could be expected.

    Most importantly, it was fun. And if you can lose and still be enjoying it then you know you're playing with some decent people!
  20. SmC12

    SmC12 Sergeant

    Thanks for leading the squad, it was definately fun. Unfortunately it seemed every time we engaged air they were outnumbering us. When we pulled A2G they jumped us with an air squad, when we pulled Coyotes they pulled skyguards, so we were always trying to adapt. Considering what we were up against we fought really well. I wouldn't necessarily say Connery air was better, but they definately seemed more coordinated which surprised me. Apparently they had an entire air platoon together whereas our individual squads were usually in different places.

    Now I know why NC always pull Scatmaxes, those were so OP and fun. :p
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