Trident's 10th Birthday Party Tridaversary!

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    It's that time of year! This weekend, 9th-11th of December, we'll be celebrating

    ***Trident's 10th Birthday Party Tridaversary!***

    Well, what can you say? It sure has been a Batman The Ride of emotions!
    As always, we've got some big plans. We'll be running events in multiple games throughout the entire weekend, with lots of fun competitions!
    Spread the word! Here's what we'll be doing...

    Friday, December 9 - Warframe Division Event + FNO
    Starting 18:00 UTC!

    Hosted by @Serupta

    Time: Friday 2022-12-9, 18:00 UTC

    This year will ring a Little Bit Different!
    For starters...We'll be warming up with a Casual Lunaro Match, as we wait for the people to trickle in. For those not playing we hope to have an in-game stream running on the Discord!
    Then we'll be moving on to a new activity, patented throughout the year by @DoomPotato, called 'Doom's Light Show!' for a little light jokey squad play, to put everyone in the mood for what's coming next!

    Announcing our new annual event!
    3 racers and 1 overseeing Judge will race along the Plains of Eidolon Coastline!
    - Who will be the first to the Finish line? -

    watch out for those pesky spectator Tridlings!
    The number of racers will determine whether we need to host quarter- and semi-Final's to determine this year's Grand Champion of the K-Drive!
    This year's Winner will receive 1x something special, in Theme with the usual Internal Bartering system we all know and love in the Trident Dojo! ;)

    Finally, we'll be attempting the Secret 'John Prodman' Challenge...

    The Friday Night Ops (FNO) in Planetside will be running as per usual, starting at 20:00 UTC, though the Warframe party will also keep going at the same time!​

    Saturday, December 10 - Trident's Sixth Annual Birthday Movie Night Best-Of ALL TIME-athon Trid-tacular!
    Starting 17:00 UTC

    Hosted by @Djupfryst

    Time: Saturday 2022-12-10, 17:00-whenever we fall asleep UTC

    It's finally here!
    This Saturday, we'll be revisiting some of the very best and funniest movies we've seen ever since we started! It's a celebration of this wonderful event and a punishment reward for those who join it!
    But this is more than just a trip down memory lane. By showing some of the very best this "genre" has to offer, I also hope to introduce some new people to the wonders and charms of the world of so-bad-it's-good! To help explain it, I made this. Or why not simply watch this?
    So if you've never joined before, now's a perfect time!

    What? How? It couldn't be simpler! Join us on Teamspeak and watch my stream!
    Bring refreshments!

    Saturday, December 10 - Star Citizen Division Event
    Starting 19:00 UTC

    Hosted by @SinOmega

    Time: Saturday 2022-12-10, 19:00-whenever we feel like UTC

    It's the Star Citizen Bar Crawl!

    We'll be starting the event at Wally's Bar at the Commons in New Babbage.
    I'll provide the transport and if there's anyone accidentally at any other starting location/city they can just wait and get a drink at the local bar because we'll be trucking across the entire system anyway. If we can muster it at the end we can even attach any kind of mission onto it while our characters are drunk!

    This will overlap with the movies, of course, but it's the only time we could do it. But at least 19:00 should be around the time we finish up the first movie!

    Sunday, December 11 - Planetside 2 Division Event
    Starting 16:00 UTC

    Hosted by @Djupfryst & Co

    Time: Sunday 2022-12-11, 16:00-23:00 UTC

    Prepare for a day full of fun events, competitions, and prizes! We'll have several big events running throughout the day. In between those we'll be running Party Platoons where we'll do whatever we feel like!
    Events may be moved around if needed, depending on how things play out!
    And again, we'll also be doing Friday Night Ops on, you know, Friday at 20:00 UTC!

    ~16:00 - Warm-up Party Platoon
    17:00 - Harasser Race
    18:00 - Pirate Ships
    19:00 - Gals vs. Flashes
    20:00 - Tridathlon
    21:00 - Nanites of the Living Dead
    22:00 - Grand Finale!

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