The Sixth Annual Trid-O-Ween Spooktacular!

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    *Creaking Door* *Clanking Chains* *Skelingtons* *Cobwebs*
    *Vincent Price*

    Thaaat's right! It's time for the
    Sixth Annual Trid-O-Ween-athon Tridaversary Spooktacular!

    Saturday, October 30th! Starting at 18:00 UTC /20:00 CEST!
    Some kind of pre-show starting an hour or two before that!
    Save the date!
    Also, Nanites of the Living Dead event on the same day! See bottom of post!

    Well, can you believe it? It's been 111 years since we started watching movies together! Summer camps, barbarians, kickfighters, tunnelling ninjas, robots, suburban sasquatches, very short short shorts, Neil Breen, cancer-infected snakes, disgraced martial arts-zombies, warriors with ninjas, warriors with one-armed swordsmen, warriors with ocean goddesses, a couple head-explosions, Italians, plenty of kung fu and lots and lots of gratuitous nudity! And this is where it all started, on Halloween!
    Ah, yes, I remember it like it was 60 months ago...cheezuz kroist!
    Five years ago, in a thinly veiled attempt to introduce you people to the wonderful world of so-bad-it's-funny, schlock, and B-movies in general, I started a thread ostensibly asking for Halloween movie recommendations. Then I thought, what better way to show you these movies than to actually show you these movies?! After all, these movies are best enjoyed together!
    And thus, the Movie Night was born! And we've been doing them ever since!

    But what horrors lie in wait for us this Halloween?
    Houses? Blobs? More Monkey Shenanigans? Wonder Womanses? Even more Devil-worshipping rock music? Italian Cemeteries? Indonesian Nightmares on Elm Street? Filthy puppets? Societies? Basket Cases? Slugs? Boxers Omens? Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave? CATS (2019)?! POOLS?!
    What horrors will be shown?! What scares will be had?! Will you shiver and shake?! Will you quiver and quake?! Do you dare find out?!




    As always, I expect each and every one of you to be there! Saturday, October 30th, starting around 18:00 UTC or so! And I'll start some pre-show kinda thing an hour or two before that as well.

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry. All you have to do is to get on TS, click the link, and enjoy the stream.
    For more info and updates about our Movie Nights, check out the official thread!

    There will be a Nanites of the Living Dead event in Planetside this year! We'll take a break from the movies to join this event! Go check this thread for details!

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