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Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by Wolkenwand, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone !
    My name is Wolkenwand, one of the officers for the Re4pers. I come here to ask you, if you are interested in a crossfaction event on the live server.

    With all the horrible attacks and actions of terror in the past years, we would like to show respect to all victims and everybody who got affected by such acts.
    Normally we try to avoid any kind of politics or political statements, as we are an open gaming community enjoying our freetime with each other. Now, that we are coming close to the Christmas holidays and the end of 2016, we would like to set a statement:

    Even in a game of a never ending war, splitted in factions who never can be united again, we can stand together.

    The idea we are trying to present is close to the history of the Christmas Truce, more than a century ago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_truce
    As mankind was facing one of the most brutal and violent wars ever fought, people still fraternised over the christmas days. Goods were exchanged, wounded treated and there were even games between the oposing nations.

    RE4 would like to create something similar. We would like to build a base, together with soldiers of the VS, TR and NC.
    A base with two purposes.

    First: Proofing that we can still all work together, even though we are fighting against each other for more than 4 years. Maybe we could use one of the construction easter eggs: Seeing three hives in the same hex, all powered by "enemy" silos, could be a picture not seen everyday.

    Second: Building something, everybody can enjoy. The construction system is known to favor the defenders and sometimes exhausting in combat. Our suggestion would be, to build a big fighting area where all players can fight without getting "cheesed down", but still made by us.

    The base would be devided in different zones:
    Inner Center: All three faction banners in the middle.
    Outer Center: Three Infantry towers (main target for the fight)
    Zone 1: Player build defenses featuring flippable spawn points (a garage with a sundy, which should get undeployed after capturing the garage)
    Zone 2: Player build defenses with a hard spawn
    The clue: in the hour while we are building, every faction should be able to move freely through the base.
    Restrictions: Only AA turrets (against trolls), no shild generators.
    The objective will be to get control of all three watchtowers in the middle. Here a poorly made (MS paint kind of poor) sketch to visualize it abit. http://imgur.com/a/XDqbD
    Maybe we can make the first round only snow ball canon?

    Would you like to join us in such an event? We will also approach TTRO on TR side, maybe asking even more outfits to join us.
    It would be really nice to see such an cross faction event working. We won't change much, but maybe we can lower the salt level of this world for moment.

    All the best and lovely holidays,

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    Ill pass it on to the Directors. Im up for it but I think we need to be careful with faction cooperation because it tends to create Drama
  3. In genreal I would agree with you, but here are all three factions involved.
    TTRO already showed their interest, they will discuss it further and will be waiting for a date.
    And about the drama: we didnt have good drama for a while now ^^
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    If its live expect heavy resistance from zergs and farmers, strategic building, defense, maintenance and coordination required.
  6. Hey guys !

    I am very sorry to say this, but the RE4 will probably not be able to organize this event in the moment.
    We are currently undergoing some changes and alot of our active leaders (including me), dont have that much time for the game.

    I would have loved to see this event happening and hope that we will find a day to work together.

    All the best and a happy new year,

  7. Omnishoot1

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    Good luck! And happy new year to you as well
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