Outfit Wars and Schedule Changes

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    Outfit Wars and Schedule Changes

    We're expecting another Outfit Wars fairly soon and in preparation for this, we've made some changes to the schedule.
    In short, we'll be focusing more on public platoons, getting more people involved, and on integrating proper vehicle and air squads into all this, and also a bit of construction. More on that below.

    Here's the schedule:
    Our Weekly PS2 Events (+ some other things)
    Monday: Deus' Training
    19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET
    Tuesday: Tactical Squad(s) 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET
    Wednesday: Platoon 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET
    Thursday: Tactical Squad(s) 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET
    Friday: Friday Night Ops (FNO) 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET + Movie Night afterwards!
    Saturday: Platoon 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET
    Sunday: Tactical Squad(s) or Platoon 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET

    *We'll probably still be doing something or other on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at the usual time. How or what, I'm not sure. Maybe just keep doing Tac-Squads, maybe some other stuff. It depends on how much we're up for, so we'll just have to try it out.
    We can still also do the Other Game Night on Saturdays if we've got something to play, this is fine.

    About those vehicle and air squads, ideally, I think we'll want to have a somewhat stable group of players for this. As we saw in the Lane Smash, a little goes a long way. So if you're interested in either, leave a post below. Not doing sign-ups or anything, it's just so we know and can keep track of who's interested.

    Also, we should be doing another Cobalt Clash soon (January 16th, most likely), so keep an eye out for that as well!

    For more info on the schedule and our regular events, check out the schedule thread.
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