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I'm off for a bit

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by JeromeJohnsonJr, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. JeromeJohnsonJr

    JeromeJohnsonJr Private
    Planetside 2
    Date Joined:  30/10/2017
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    Date Joined:  24/11/2016

    I'll be doing voluntary work for 2 years and won't be online, so don't remove me pls :)

    Been great playing with you all!
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  2. Omnishoot1

    Omnishoot1 Social Media Director
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    Director (Staff)

    You wont be removed if you signed up the Forums
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  3. Pithekos

    Pithekos Private
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    Date Joined:  29/03/2016

    See you in 2 years and good luck!
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