First Trident youtube video and hopefully many more to come.

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by Respeon, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Hi All

    This link is to the first Trident video I have done, I did check first it was ok to go ahead and do this so i hope you guys like it and don't mind me doing more.

    If you like the channel please also subscribe so you can check out the new ones I hope to have done soon.

    If anyone doesn't want to be included in the video capture please say and I will remove any part which the person in question is shown in.

    Also if anyone else records any footage of game play send it over and ill mix them all up :)

    Thanks again and I also hope I do Trident proud

    AKA Draknoir
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    Re: First Trident youtube video and hopefully many more to c

    Nice video, good to see the UBGL getting some use :)
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