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    Ok, everyone! Summer's over, people are back to playing, and there's a whole lot of new stuff happening. So this seems a good time for an update.
    First of all, we have two major events coming up that you definitely don't want to miss:
    • Trident's Halloween Movie Night Anniversary Spectacular! Oct. 28th!
      That's right! This will be the anniversary of the Movie Nights, and I expect each and every one of you to be there! So make sure not to miss it!
      We'll be revisiting some classics from last year, and we'll hopefully find some new ones as well.
      It takes place on October 28th, starting at 19:00 UTC. For more info, check out the event thread!
    • Trident's Birthday Party! Early December, exact date(s) TBA. Start the hype!
      Trident turns five this December, and we'll be celebrating in our usual, extravagant way. Over the course of one weekend (somewhere in early December), all divisions will be running big events and competitions. And as it happens, I'll also be doing a very special Birthday Movie Night!
      This is a big one, so make sure you don't miss it!

    There have also been major updates to both Planetside 2 and Warframe, and now would be an excellent time to try out and/or come back to either! We also some outfit-wide events you should be aware of.

    The big patch is out, the Smash is over (and won), and we've got several regular events running which new or returning players may not be familiar with!

    The recent big patch changed a lot of things, but all you really need to know is that they've changed the Alerts yet again, and this time, definitely for the better. They're once again something exciting, something to get invested in, and this has given live-play a real shot in the arm.
    In addition to this, there's also a Halloween event running right now!

    Besides that, we also have several events running every week, so let's through our weekly schedule! You'll find all of this and more in the official thread.

    Our Weekly PS2 Events:
    Tuesday: Tactical Training, 19:00 UTC*
    Thursday: Tactical Squad(s), 19:00 UTC*
    Friday: Friday Night Ops (FNO), 20:00 UTC*
    Saturday: The Non-Division/Other Game Night, 20:00 UTC*
    Sunday: Tactical Squad(s), 19:00 UTC*

    *The schedule has been updated for winter time.

    These are our regular events. This means that, unless we specifically say that they're not running, you should assume they are.
    Here's a brief summary of each event:
    • A Tactical Squads is, simply put, a very organised and, therefore, very good squad. Sometimes we do them through TS, sometimes not. It is a more challenging and (for lack of a better word) serious experience, and that's exactly what makes them so much fun!
      There are no skill requirement or anything like that. And in fact, these squads are a great (quite possibly, the best) place in which to learn and improve! As long as you follow orders and do your best, you'll be fine.
    • Tactical Training is where we teach advanced topics. These are ideas, concepts, and skills which cannot be taught through more conventional means (i.e. just playing). Meaning, it is by no means a beginners training. However, while advanced, these topics are seldom specific to PS2 and, therefore, do not require PS2 experience to appreciate. This makes the training accessible and understandable to anyone with the right temperament. In other words, this training is targeted at newbies and veterans alike, because both groups are equally bad at these things!
      That said, it is specifically (and obviously) targeted at people willing to do actual training.
      The topics covered can be just about anything imaginable, and you can leave requests and suggestions in the official thread.
    • FNO is our biggest and most important event, and you should join it. That is all.
    As always, all events are open to everyone, they are never too late to join, nor are they ever full. They may or may not require TS, but these regular events will never require you to sign-up or anything like that. Don't worry about it, just hop in!
    You know, obviously try to be there and be ready at the start, as it makes starting them a whole lot easier.
    Understand that, with the exception of FNO, these are in no way meant to disrupt our normal platoon- and squad-play, but rather, to complement it.

    For more detailed info about these events, check out the Weekly Schedule and Current Events!


    Warframe got its biggest update yet and many of the Warframe regulars and a few new ones have been playing it a lot since the update.

    If you ever wanted to try or got tired of the grind and stopped playing then now is a good opportunity to try the game.

    Go to to read all about the new stuff!

    Lastly, we also have some outfit-wide events you should be aware of.

    The Non-Division/Other Game Night
    On Saturdays, we run an "Other" game night where we play, well, something else!
    This takes place every Saturday, starting at 19:00 UTC. Again, this is a regular event, so whether it's in the Events List on the website or not, you can always assume this will run.
    For more info, and to make suggestions, just check out the official thread.

    We also run regular Movie Nights. These have already been mentioned, so I won't go into too much detail here. Instead, just check out the official thread. Also be aware that most of them are not planned out in advance, but are instead done whenever we feel like it. This tends to happen on either Fridays (right after FNO) or Saturdays. So if you're interested, keep an eye on the thread, or check the Event Area on TS on the weekends, and you'll be sure to find us.
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