Big Leadership weekend 16/17th of April

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    Updated time to 19:00 UTC

    We plan on having a big meeting with all PLs, SLs and generally all people that are interested in the leadership aspect of PS2. It will take place on Teamspeak at 19:00 UTC Saturday (16th) and Sunday (17th)

    It will be split into 4 parts:

    1. How to improve your leading tips
    Omni shows you the best out of his secret bag of tricks.
    This is pretty much it I will show you some small but really usefull tips when leading. They will hopefully help you on live play.

    2. Talking about changes
    Until then there will be changes ingame like the base building change and ofc leadership tools. So what we would like to do is to discuss those changes and try to find ways of putting them to good use.
    We also need to take a look at the new Indar bases as well.

    3.Talking about the current situation
    We need to get feedback from you how it is going ingame and if we (TRID staff) need to deal with anything. So please think about that and let us know at the meeting

    4. Rules and Code of Conduct
    We just want to go over what things should be standardized in all TRID platoons and how to deal with people that dont stick to our rules.

    On Friday:
    We will have an extensive FNO. All leaders will be briefed early enough and we will have a leadership switch in the middle. Basically we want 2 SLs and 2 PLs for this FNO per squad. They will swap roles after the first hour. This is why we will be including new people just as much as senior leaders.

    On Saturday:
    We will go over the "2." and have a 1-2 hour leadership training.

    On Sunday:

    We will try to go over "3." and "4." and give 1-2 hours leadership training again.

    Please share this with as many leaders as you can and make sure to think about "2." "3." and "4." beforehand so we have things we can discuss and it´s not just a monologue from the Directors!

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    What if we want to be there but cannot because of reasons? I mean will there be more of theseM
  3. Omnishoot1

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    Yes but only leadership trainings
  4. Omnishoot1

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    Todays session went great. We went over a lot of details of when it comes to SLing. I hope all of the attendees will take much more SLs in the future!
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    Did i miss the "3" and "4"?
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    No we didnt really get any experienced PLs so I left those out. We actually talked about 4 yesterday and said that you absolutely have to have SLs in a TRID platoon.
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