AGHHHHHHH! Me Hearties. Fancy joining us in the new 40000+ Pirate MMO

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Critor, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. Critor

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    Great new MMO just releasing today. Come join us.
    Developed by the ARK Extinction software house and based on the same engine. is this GREAT new MMO, single shard 40000+ players.
    Take a look. I would like to get an ATLAS Tribe going.
    Like to build.
    Like PVP
    Like Sailing ships
    Like to go Arrrrrggg!
    Then sign up and join us. ATLAS
  2. velie

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    what is a 'shard'?
  3. Djupfryst

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    Councillor (Staff)

    Looks interesting. Was just looking for something to play tonight.
    Buuut it seems like it's getting delayed. But maybe it's just getting released later today? I can't really find anything concrete.
  4. ErMinella

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    I'm just downloading it, i'm ready for an Atlas tridbe as soon as i will understand the game a little.
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