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Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by Urbanski, Aug 24, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to Trident and a returning player to PS2.

    I used to main on Miller and was part of DWG (Deathwatch Gaming) outfit who sadly disbanded for various reasons.

    Trident were recommended to me by a couple of players I know and so far I'm liking the outfit and everyone I've squaded with seems nice and helpful, even answering my noob questions even though I'm technically not a noob. I've also taken part in a couple of tactical squads and training sessions which were fun.

    There are a couple of things I wanted to ask.

    Despite me being part of Trident for about a month now I seem to spend most of my time playing solo. Peak time weekday evenings I can't seem to find a Trident platoon/squad to play with.

    I get the outfit is quite casual and there's none of this compulsory squad thing (which is good as DWG were a bit too serious) but I joined so I can play in an organsied squad and not have to solo all the time.

    I've been at countless base captures where the dominant faction is Trident yet I'm solo and afaik there is no Trident squad playing but 30+ members online. +1 on outfit chat doesn't seem to do anything much of the time and the TS channel is often quite empty.

    I know it's summer and people are away but I'm wondering if this is typical or just a temporary situ?

    The other thing is combined arms play. All of the squads/platoons I've played in for Trident were infantry based 95% of the time. I know you can't cap a base in vehicles and it's fairly situational however I love vehicle play and to have the odd night where we roll Armor or Air, it could be fun and provide some variation.

    I'm not talking about FNO or tactical squad play as that needs to be mainly infantry but maybe a couple of times a week there is a magrider squad playing or a couple of liberator teams active.

    Is this something Trident does / has done / would be willing to do?

    Thanks for listening :)

  2. Omnishoot1

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    Director (Staff)

    Let me start like this: Everyone in Trid is allowed to lead a squad. Even if you don't have any experience the structure of the outfit encourages people to step up and try to lead things. That also means that no one except the Directors (currently @Djupfryst @ColbertNation1 and @Zonalia ) is obliged to keep the outfit active and to perform some sort of leadership. The only really active Director atm is DJ.

    Public leadership is generally what we call leading with in game comms and tactical squads are generally on TS but can be run over ingame comms succesfully as well (see this example: :D ). Public leadership can be really inconsistent and we often have periods of people not stepping up and leading and periods of a lot of people trying to lead. I don't play a lot on VS these days but I'm assuming that currently public leadership is a bit more inactive. I know for a fact tho that DJ runs a lot of events on TS (see schedule here: https://tridentoutfit.com/forums/index.php?threads/tridents-weekly-schedule-for-ps2.125040/)

    To answer your question I think this is a temporary situation. The base caps don't have anything to do with organised play that you are missing out on. People that play solo in TRID just cap a lot of bases :D

    If there is something that is being lead with voice it should be tagged with the TRID tag so you can find it in the squad browser. Generally leaders advertise their squads over outfit chat and ask for +1s. So don't be disappointed if no one invites you - there actually might not be anything up.

    We used to do a lot of combined arms stuff in the past. I often play vehicles with people whenever Im on TS but yeah its not organised that often anymore (maybe Ill lead a squad like that again at some point). We actually have a lot of combined arms concepts on the Forums for Squadrons or Armor trains and stuff.

    Hope I could help :)
  3. Urbanski

    Urbanski Private

    Thanks for the reply Onmishoot1...appreciate it.
    I'll have to be a bit more patient with getting in regular squads which is not a problem.
    Cheers :)
  4. velie

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    Also make sure to join the PS2 lounge on ts even if it is empty, since many people only check wether there are people there, and based on that they decide of they are gonna move to the lounge or not.

    EDIT: might be fun to run some more vehicle stuff
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  5. TheRipperrr

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    Yeah, if you like vehicle play, make sure to be on TS outside event hours and you will most likely get someone to team up with you. I often need a gunner or driver when I feel like doing vehicle play. As for the organized vehicle stuff (apart from repair sundy drains and armored pushes), I did harraser squads in the past and they proved to be quite fun and effective. However, you don't always get people interested in that. Nonetheless, I'd even involve more vehicles in my FNO squad, but normally we need everybody on objective and not everybody knows how to secure it with vehicles (and even if they would know how, you can't always do it).
  6. Urbanski

    Urbanski Private

    @velie, @TheRipperrr
    Thanks for the responses....I'll make sure to stay on TS more in the future as well.
    My old outfit used to run magrider platoons now and again (when our esteemed leader wasn't on - he didn't approve) and that was great fun, not much can stand in the way of a dozen well certed mags driven by people who know what they are doing (not me obviously, I was usually a gunner but a fairly good one :p). The multiplier effect of that many coordinated MBTs is truly awesome, single Prowlers and Vanguards would be dead in under a second.
    However the Harasser teams were probably the most insane fun you can have on PS2...just nuts.
  7. DotHacker

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    I bet that when fall starts you might start to see more activity in the outfit. Example, well I'm bad example but anyway, I haven't played that much because summer time.
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