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We are a large gaming outfit founded in 2012 by JudgeDeath catering to thousands of members who play games with us including PlanetSide 2, Warframe, Minecraft and Star Citizen.

We are currently recruiting new members, if you are interested in joining us then please click Register in the top right corner and then once you have registered, visit the Game Divisions page to join us in one or more games. We welcome players from all walks of life regardless of your attitude, whether you're a casual weekend warrior or every day hardcore hero!

Trident is lead primary by the Trident Council. Currently the four members of the Council are our leader, Ice247; Djupfryst, TheCainer and Zonalia. We also have a dedicated Director team who assist the Council on a day-to-day basis. Take a look at the roster page if you want to learn more about who we are!

Latest Announcement: Trident's 11th Birthday Party Tridaversary!

Posted 13/12/23 by Djupfryst (Councillor)
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It's that time of year! This weekend, 15th-17th of December, we'll be celebrating

***Trident's 11th Birthday Party Tridaversary!***

As always, we've got some big plans. We'll be running events and/or shenanigans throughout the entire weekend!
Spread the word! Here's what we'll be doing...

Friday, December 15 - Warframe Division Event + FNO
Starting 18:00 UTC!

Hosted by @@Serupta

Time: 2023-12-15, 18:00-20:00-ish UTC

This year, the Trident Birthday Celebrations in the Warframe Division will start with/warm up with what we learned was the best casual fun way to start last year! - A Lunaro Match! (4 a side blood-bowl-esque-basketball!)
This activity is super friendly to all Tridlings with a Warframe account, no gear is needed! Anyone can join!
For those not playing we hope to have an in-game stream running on the Discord!
Then we'll be moving on to the Annual K-Drive race on the Plains of Eidolon!
3 racers and 1 overseeing Judge will race along the Plains of Eidolon Coastline!
- Who will be the first to the Finish line? -

Watch out for those pesky spectator Tridlings!

The number of racers will determine whether we need to host quarter- and semi-finals to determine this year's Grand Champion of the K-Drive!
As per usual, this year's winner will receive something special, in theme with the usual Internal Bartering system we all know and love in the Trident Dojo! ;)
After that? Who knows! We'll figure out some new things to do!
The Friday Night Ops (FNO) in Planetside 2 will be running as usual! Though the Warframe party may also keep going at the same time!

Saturday, December 16 - Trident's Seventh Annual Birthday Movie Night Best-Of ALL TIME-athon Trid-tacular!
Starting 17:00 UTC

Hosted by @Djupfryst

Time: Saturday 2023-12-16, 17:00-whenever we fall asleep UTC

It's finally here!
This Saturday, we'll be revisiting some of the very best and funniest movies from the past year! It's a celebration of this wonderful event and a punishment reward for those who join it!
But this is more than just a trip down memory lane. By showing some of the very best this "genre" has to offer, I also hope to introduce some new people to the wonders and charms of the world of so-bad-it's-good! To help explain it, I made this. Or why not simply watch this?
So if you've never joined before, now's a perfect time!

What? How? It couldn't be simpler! Join us on Teamspeak and watch my stream!
Bring refreshments!

Sunday, December 17 - Planetside 2 Division Event
Starting 19:00 UTC

Hosted by @Djupfryst & Co

Time: Sunday 2023-12-17, 18:00-23:00 UTC

Prepare for an evening full of fun events and shenanigans!
We'll have to do things a bit differently this year, for reasons I'm sure you all understand. We're sure to run some of the usual birthday events, but overall, we'll just have to get together and see what happens, see what's even possible.
And again, we'll also be doing Friday Night Ops on, you know, Friday at 20:00 UTC!

18:00 - 23:00-ish - See-what-happens platoon!