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Latest Announcement: [April Fools 2017] Trident becomes Dark Judges

Posted 01/04/17 by TheCainer (Senior Developer)
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This year for April fools, we decided to change our name to Dark Judges "in honor of our founder @JudgeDeath". This is in reference to the Dark Judges villains from the Judge Dredd-comic books.
For an overview of all changes, please refer to this post.

We are obviously not going to change our name...

Previous April Fools:

The original text is below.


In order to move the community forward as well as honor our founder @JudgeDeath , it has been decided to rename Trident to Dark Judges. We feel this name resembles more the direction we want to take.
We will also be making several changes to our policy:
  • JudgeDeath must be addressed at all times with "Dark Grand Judge JudgeDeath"
  • When talking to JudgeDeath, be humble and fearful.
  • Every member must swear allegiance to JudgeDeath on a yearly basis. Every current member has until tomorrow to do this. Please use this thread to do so if you wish to remain in Dark Judges.
  • Every new member must swear allegiance to JudgeDeath in order to be allowed among our ranks
  • Do not mention Judge Dredd or any of his fellow infidels unless they are spoken about with disgust and hatred.
Failure to comply will result in immediate banishment from Dark Judges.

All hail Dark Grand Judge JudgeDeath! May his justice reign down on all living beings.