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We are a large gaming outfit catering to thousands of members who play games with us including Planetside 2, Battlefield, Warframe and Minecraft.

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Trident is lead primary by the Trident Council, currently the four members of the Council are our leader, JudgeDeath; JackJack233; Ice247 and Djupfryst. We also have a dedicated Director team who assist the Council on a day-to-day basis. Take a look at the roster page if you want to learn more about who we are!

Latest Announcement: Director changes!

Posted 19/02/18 by Ice247 (Councillor)
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@DotHacker has decided to step down from his job as social media director and taking over from him as a director will be @Omnishoot1 .

We would like to thank @DotHacker for his work as the spamming Social media director and welcome @Omnishoot1 back to the rank of directors after a 603 day vacation.
-The Council

Hey guys, it's me doti your very own memester. I had long thought about this and well... I and Omni are going to switch colors.
I am stepping down from director seat and our current master memester is going to be next Social Media Director.

Wall of text that was too long to be announcement is going to be posted somewhere Soon™

So now the rest of you go and congratulate @Omnishoot1 and say thanks to @DotHacker.