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Trident 4th Birthday weekend!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ice247, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Ice247

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    Today 4 years ago @JudgeDeath made the very wise decision to create Trident!

    To celebrate this we are organizing many events with prizes during the weekend.


    We will have the usual FNO platoon.

    Warframe won't do anything special but the plan is just to play the game and have fun on ts!

    @CptSparda and @TheCanarisDR are organising many events in BDO.
    To join this just type +1 in the event thread below. (they have many 7 day guest passes to give out)

    We also have a serversmash cobalt vs cobalt. Details can be found below.

    And to end the day @Djupfryst is having a Movie Night Spectacular! ps. bring beer!

    Sunday is the big day for Planetside 2 we have planned events for most of the day make sure you join them.
    All the details can be found in the event thread.

    and lets not forget the guys who are at Insomnia 59 if you see them on ts go and say hello.
    ps. they might be drunk or hangover depending on the time of day.​
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  2. Yeah, time is running out for those passes, so Friday is the last day for sign ups
  3. L4sar0th

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    Prizes* ... unless we are paying for it.
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  4. velie

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    I dont think I can make it to any of these events, since my pc is (still) not functioning properly and I dont have time to get it fixed now.
  5. FrEsC

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    Where to put the awesome screenshots? Is there a place for or shoud I just post em here?
    It was a very funny afternoon yesterday. Thanks for the Event.
  6. Ice247

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