The Fourth Annual Trid-O-Ween Spooktacular!

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    *Creaking Door* *Clanking Chains* *Skeletons* *Cobwebs* *Vincent Price*

    Thaaat's right! It's time for the
    Fourth Annual Trid-O-Ween-athon Tridaversary Spooktacular!

    Saturday, 2nd of November! Starting at 19:00 UTC!
    Save the date!
    Remember, we'll be in Winter Time by then! So that's 20:00 CET!

    Well, can you believe it? It's been 87 years since we started watching movies together! And it's certainly been a wild ride! Summer camps, tunnelling ninjas, robots, very short short shorts, kaiju, Neil Breen, cancer-infected snakes, martial arts-zombies, Cameron Mitchell, less-than-convincing Italian miniatures, plenty of kung-fu, a couple head-explosions, and lots and lots of gratuitous nudity! And this is where it all started, on Halloween! Seems appropriate, I guess.
    Ah, yes, I remember it like it was 36 months ago...
    Three years ago, in a thinly veiled attempt to introduce you people to the wonderful world of so-bad-it's-funny, schlock, and B-movies in general, I started a thread ostensibly asking for Halloween movie recommendations. Then I thought, what better way to show you these movies than to actually show you these movies?! After all, these movies are best enjoyed together!
    And thus, the Movie Night was born! We've been doing them regularly ever since, and they've been a great success!

    But what horrors lie in wait for us this Halloween?
    Spooky mannequins? Monkey Shenanigans? Devil-worshipping rock music? Trolls? Basket Cases? Killer Clowns from Outer Space? Frankenhookers? Poultrygeist? Stuff? Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers?
    What horrors will be shown?! What scares will be had?! Will you shiver and shake?! Will you quiver and quake?! Do you dare find out?!




    As always, I expect each and every one of you to be there! Saturday, November 2! Probably starting around 19:00 or so! I'll probably start doing some pre-show kinda thing around that time.
    I haven't heard anything about a Nanites of the Living Dead event this year, unfortunately. But we'll see, it might happen. Or we might try to get it started ourselves. :)

    And of course, Trident's 7th Birthday is quickly approaching! As per usual, we'll be celebrating in a big way! Including our big Trident Birthday Best-of Movie Night Trid-athon Tridxtravaganza! It'll most likely take place in early December! So stay tuned for that!

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry. All you have to do is to get on TS, click the link, and enjoy the stream.
    For more info and updates about our Movie Nights, check out the official thread!
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    That's the first marathon without grumpy, damn I miss that old chap already :)
  3. Djupfryst

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    Juuust for the archives...

    On Fridays Post-Pre-Halloween Warm-up we watched
    Death Spa
    There's a spa that's haunted. Except it's not a spa, it's a gym. And it's a computerized spa/gym, land we're lead to believe that it's the computorz that are acting up, except we're never told what the computorz even do. I mean, why do you need computers to run a gym?! Anyway, there's a whole Jaws thing about how they can't possibly shut down the spa-gym because Mardi Gras is coming up, because the big Mardi Gras (costume?) party always brings in a lot of new members!
    But I think the computers are a misdirect? Maybe? And I guess the computer-guy is sort of a red herring? Or perhaps the movie itself is confused, it's hard to tell. Anyway, it's great.



    Fairly self-explanatory, I feel.

    I would show the exploding hooker clip...but this is a family outfit, dammit! :p

    As for the marathon itself, we watched
    Monkey Shines
    A man gets paralyzed from the neck down and gets a monkey helper. Unfortunately, this monkey has been injected with brain juice. As in, scientist man scraped of pieces of a frozen brain and turned it into a liquid, and this made the monkey smart. Or something.
    There's some hijinks, a bit of bird murdering, some psychic connection or something, and also the monkey may be in love with him.
    Let's just say it ends like this

    From Beyond
    From the same director as last last years Re-Animator, with some of the same cast, and also loosely inspired by Lovecraft. And just like Re-Animator, it sure got interesting. It's less overtly comedic, perhaps...but myeah, it sure was strange enough.
    There's something about stimulating the pineal gland by way of other dimensions, and there are also weird fish-things in those dimensions, and this dimension also sometimes turns people into an awesome giant mutant puppet, and also cause giant worms to appear in your basement. All in order to make people horny, or something. Jeffrey Combs pineal gland apparently gets a bit too stimulated and it starts growing out of his forehead. He then has a forehead dick. That is all.

    Troll 2
    Well, in case you've never heard of it, just watch this clip:

    It's about goblins, in case you couldn't tell. They like green pudding and also people who have turned into green pudding.
    Troll 2, of course, has nothing to do with Troll 1. Troll 3 then has nothing to do with either of them. In fact, there are (at least) two Troll 3's! Both made the same year! One Troll 3 is also known as The Crawlers, a.k.a Creepers, a.k.a Contamination .7...and it's about killer vines. The other Troll 3 is also known as The Hobgoblin, Ator III: Hobgoblin, and Quest for the Mighty Sword! And is, in fact, the fourth and final entry in the Ator series of films!!!
    ITALIAAAAANS! *shakes fist*

    They were all great, in other words.
    See you soon for the Birthday Tridaversary Best-Of Tridathon Tridtacular!
    Damn, I used up all the puns for this one, gotta work on that.
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