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    New Outfit training concepts
    Our new training structure will be layed out for certain goals while at the same time providing a way for new members to learn the game and to improve the new player experience overall. It also aims at giving more entertaining alternatives to Ops etc. for more experienced players.

    Bootcamp sticks to it´s old concept for the most part and is designed for new players and new players only. This means that only new players are allowed to join and already experienced players are excluded. We will have a BR limit for easy limitations:
    Everyone <BR50 is allowed to join. People >BR50 need to have a reason why they need to join Bootcamp. The fact that there is no platoon up or similar does not count as a reason as every TRID member is free to create their own platoon.

    Purpose and goals
    The purpose of Bootcamp will be to get people familiar with the website and TS by announcing that everytime before a training session. Participants will be prepared for what you will have to do in a public platoon. Communication via ingame comms will play a big role in that. New players should also get familiar with loadouts etc. that will help them make progress ingame. People can also always ask questions during the training and they should be answered.

    Tactical Training
    Tactical training will be a "kinda" new concept implemented by Orbamabinlasher and the Director team. This training will raise the competitive standards of Trident so we can compete with other smaller and more organised outfits in small and big scale fights on live as well as eventual scrimms later on. This should really be an alternative to all the current Ops we have going and make players stick to TS and be a part of the community.

    BR limits:
    Everyone >BR50 can join. If people have a lot of ingame experience from other characters or similar already they are free to join the tactical squad. When they however are not able to catch up with what the rest is doing they can always be removed from the tactical squad

    This is for the already experienced players who are looking to become even better. All communication is via team speak and we expect faster responses and better in game awareness overall. With this effort we hope to raise the standard for trident as a whole, providing challenges for those who want to push themselves and see if there is a place for them in the competitive side of planetside2.

    If you are one of the many tridents already experienced in tactical squad play you are not only welcome to participate but also to host a session and share you knowledge. The goal is to rotate trainer for each session so there will be plenty of room for all. Talk to a director or orbamabinlasher and we will make the arrangements.

    Tactical squad training sessions will not have a fixed time other than that we will do them on Mondays and Wednesdays. They will generally take place after 2000 UTC and depending on if there is something else going already we will start earlier/later. That means that alerts can be finished before joining.

    Purpose and goals
    Tactical training should prepare players for FNO - members just like SLs. If someone is interested in taking over a tactical squad session they should contact either the Directors or Orbamabinlasher, It should also make TS communciation easier and make people familiar with how a squad would work in a competitive scenario. Tactical squads are imo more fun than public platoons as well. So this is another reason why we have this alternative.

    Anouncements of Bootcamp/Tactical Training
    Both will be announced through outfit chat. And for both their purpose needs to be emphasised. For example: "Tactical Training should be for experienced players only. But if you feel confident in joining an advanced squad and if you are familiar with most basics of the game you can still join. Please meetup [...] and get on TS". The trainers also need to include hints like how you can "+1" into outfit chat or how you can talk in outfit chat or whatever method they need to invite members to their trainings.

    Leadership training
    Leadership training will be announced seperately from Bootcamp and TT. It will be run with the help of the Director team and observed more carefully so people with lacking leadership experienced can´t teach misleading things. There will be a special schedule setup and we also aim at having a mentor-like system at some point. The goal of leadership training is to have a constant amount of potential leaders that can take over Squads/Platoons.
    At some point other outfits factions will be involved as well so we can increase the overall competition on live. We hope to be able to run this 2 times a month regularely.

    We plan on doing a meetup of all current TRID ingame leadership and do sort of further education so we can refine the standards of live platoons and squads. This will be announced in advance and open for everyone to join and share ideas. It will be posted in the Ops informations section.

    Planning of trainings
    There will be a new tool released on the website soon where events will show up on most pages. Basically events will be very easy to see and plan.

    Those are the standard times though:
    Tactical Training - 2000 UTC Monday and Wednesday
    Bootcamp - 2000 UTC Tuesday and Thursday

    Special topics will be planned for individual trainings as well. Until the tool will be released we will have special trainings in the Operations Information section posted on the Forums.
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    These changes look really good and promising. I especially like the bootcamp changes.

    If you do start a mentorship program I don't mind coming back to take someone under my wing as it were. Just ask.
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    Sounds promising, maybe a reason to play PlanetSide 2 more frequently, when the tactical trainings start.
  4. Yes. I'm glad that my baby is finnaly a teenager now! Keep up directors!
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    Not really a mentorship thing, though that would still be good, but you could certainly host a session if you ever wanted to.

    They've been running for a while now. :p
  6. I've tried teaching groups in the past IRL and on Planetside and I can find it hard to keep track of my thoughts, I much prefer a 1 on 1 sort of thing.
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