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    Minecraft Leadership change


    @DoomPotato has decided to step down as Minecraft Division Director and @Zonalia is taking over that role in addition to his existing role as PS2 Division Director. (Who had their money on @GoldenIris stabbing him in the back and taking over?) We would like to thank DoomPotato for everything he did for Minecraft, from maintaining several servers to brainwashing us that 5x5 grids are the only way to live. He is currently trying to impose his 5x5 grids on Warframe as well and can often be found there. He will retake the rank of Lieutenant within Trident.

    Zonalia also has some words to say:
    I hope i can add to the development of the minecraft division. though i will appreciate the assistance and input of others I have some plans for a couple of servers to potentially be in operation. those being; a Long Term server (LTS) dedicated to be running for a good amount of time (1-2 years +) for all you crazy builders out there. Some temporary servers whose purpose is for us to try new mods, experiment with adventure maps, or even try vanilla for a while *shivers* " " I am most glad that after i managed to attain my overthrow of doom I retreated far away lest the 5x5 virus might spread somehow.

    As some of you may know i have taken a trip to the other side a while ago, finally I will have PC functionality soon and now can start my directoring [yes that is not a word but i dont care]

    Thanks to the council and all of the members of my divisions for helping me throughout my career in trident

    I sincerely wish doom all the best for his (not) directing warframe and I hope i can speak for all of us in thanking him for his service

    Zonalia. Director from Down Under

    BDO Leadership change


    Due to violation of our Code of Conduct (CoC), specifically regarding behavior and attitude towards both Trident members and outsiders, as well as misconduct as a Director, @CptSparda is being removed from the leadership of the BDO-division and demoted to the rank of Private within Trident. @TheCanarisDR will now continue as the sole BDO Division Director.

    We would also like to make it clear that violating our CoC is unacceptable, directors are not exempt from this. If anyone else acts in a similar way, they may meet the same fate.
    If you have complaints regarding a director, you may and should contact a member of the council.

    Due to the high drama potential of this thread (and we all know that never ends well), we are locking this thread.
    Any questions regarding the future of the BDO-division can be asked in the BDO divisionforum or directed at @TheCanarisDR.
    Any questions regarding the demotion of CptSparda can be discussed with the Council in private. We will not discuss this publicly.
    Any questions regarding our CoC can be asked in Trident Discussion or directed at the Council (do not use this as an excuse to discuss the previous point).
    Any questions regarding the future of the Minecraft-division can be asked in the Minecraft division forum or directed at @Zonalia.

    - The Council
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